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Web Design Inspiration

Designing a web site looking to for inspiration in galleries CSS, Behance, Dribbble, etc on purpose or unconsciously you're going to end up creating sites the same or very similar to others. With sources of inspiration alternatives you can create a style of your own.

Music for your design inspirations

Listen to music while designing can be motivating and give you energy. If instead of listening to your favourite music, you listen to music according to the target audience for which you're designing can help you to understand better the audience. If this technique fails you, and the music you do not mention of any visual idea, in the last instance, you can use video clips, caps, disks, and other manifestasiones visual, as many genres of music have an aesthetic associated with it, e.g. the aesthetic of punk. The rhythm is one of the basic principles of the design, provided that you repeat a pattern, generates pace, but the concept is easier to understand if you related to the music. Finally, the music seems to me inspiring that sometimes the video clips tell a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of the song and yet, it works. In the case of a web site, does not necessarily have to use visual elements belonging to the area of the company so that it is well.

Games are great Garphic Design Material

In responsive web design is much focus on the fluid grids, media queries, etc, but it is also important to think about interactions beyond the mouse and what are the possibilities and challenges of a touch screen. In that sense, the video game industry is much more mature as they have experience in a variety of devices.
  • How do I implement the navigation?
  • What size tienem to be the areas actionable?
  • What touch gestures use to replace the mouse events?
  • Find answers to these and other doubts, go to playing Angry Birds!
The gamification involves applying game mechanics in other contexts to increase the participation of the users. Web design is applied in the creation of interactive tutorials (in the style e.g. Tomb Raider that has a level whose sole function is to explain how to play) and in the badges or badges or other awards by performing actions desirable.

Inspirations from Film and Television

You can inspire in the cinema for the treatment of images. E.g. for a gallery of images, instead of simply changing the size and/or crop the images to create thumbnails, you can also apply a filter, such as white and black as sin City, or a shade of color as the Matrix. For the transitions of the carouseles of photos, you can inspire in the iconicas transitions of The star wars George Lucas. Some films are visually appealing: Cell, Drive, Sin City, Matrix, War of the galaxies. If you do not have time to watch a whole movie, you can inspire you in the sequences of credits.
  • Do not you think that you can take elements of a sequence of credits and transfer them to the web design?
  • Look at the opening sequence of The Man With The Golden Arm and the Vertigo theme for Tumblr and after I tell.
  • Web design inspired by the film
  • Theme for Tumblr and iconography inspired by sequences of credits
  • The legends of images do not have to be white, in any news you can find more creative options.
  • There are some realities about design where you can see the creative process of other designers, how to apply the principles of design and how to make decisions.

Architectural inspiration for your designs.

The white is clean and makes the content stand out, but do not necessarily have to be #FFF, in architecture, and especially in interior design, there are many examples of colors almost white and grey warm light.Examples of colors almost white found in interior design.The architects have at their disposal a range of materials: steel, concrete, wood, glass, etc As a web designer you have a single material of construction, which are pixels, but you can use visual textures subtle to highlight elements and add personality and be inspired by the architecture to combine them. The architecture is a profession more ancient than that of the web designer and you can learn about the relationship professional – client and the role of the “creative” in the team. Fashion - Lifestyle The inspiration in fashion can be changed literally in colors and textures, but beyond that, it is also important to the reasons why people dress up as well. On wikiHow there are a number of guidelines on how to be a hipster, ranging from use chupines to be vegetarian, and there are many elements that can be used (and is used) in web design. Use because elements of an aesthetic of others does not make much sense, but if you think that the concepts of frugality and respect for the past of the hipster are changed into web design in minimalist layouts and fonts vintage, you could use a similar process from the mission of the company for which you're designing and change them visually.

Design from Nature

The inspiration in the nature can be changed literally in textures, shapes and colors. Instead of looking directly color palettes on sites like COLOURlovers or Kuler, you can create a palette based on the nature from a photo is representative of the environment that you're looking for. Instead of using styles predefined or search for freebies for download, from e.g. the colors of the sky you can create degrades, background blur, etc... You can apply the golden ratio in web design in the proportions e.g. of the main section and the sidebar. Online calculator of the golden section Golden Ratio Calculator is an online tool that calculates column widths from the golden section. E.g. if the total width is 100%, the main section should be measured for 61.8% and the secondary 38.2%. You can apply the Fibonacci sequence to the hierarchies of size of text (paragraphs, titles, etc). Online calculator of the Fibonacci series Typograph is an online tool to compose a scale typographic derived from the Fibonacci series or other scales typographic traditional.


Look at web sites of the competition is part of the stage of research and look at Dribbble, Pattern Tap, Deviantart, etc elements is very specific as for example, search forms, labels, etc., is totally valid, but to create the look & feel (appearance and behavior or visual identity) of a website it is better that you inspire in basically anything except another web site. Pinterest is ideal for quickly finding inspiration online, because there are interesting images organized in categories such as Architecture, Science and nature, Fashion, etc and looking for images I found most relevant in Flickr or similar sites.